Did Tampa Bay Times just fall for satire?

Tampa Bay Times retweets a screenshot of a satire website.

Tampa Bay Times retweets a screenshot of a satire website.

I think the venerable Tampa Bay Times just fell for a satire story.

Above is a screenshot from my Twitter newsfeed. I added the big red arrow that draws your attention to the fact that the news org retweeted a screen cap posted by Peter Kaufman, a Brooklyn Heights blogger. The quotes in the story are perfect…a little to perfect. But it was the headline typeface that really gave it away. Isn’t this from The ONION?

Nope, I was wrong, too. A little Googling, and I found it is the current front page story on The Daily Currant, a publication almost as famous and just as fake.

I wasn’t the only one to notice this. You can see in the replies that other people have replied to the tweet and let the Times know it’s satire. But, it remains up more than an hour after it was posted.

Even if the Times knew it was part of a satire story, I think the social media team was wrong to simply retweet without adding something that clarifies for the reader.


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