J202 student advice

What have you heard about this class?

That it’s a packed course? That it’s intense? That it’s tough? That it’s a lot of work?

All of that is true.

But, you can do it.

Now, you’re sitting in a lecture chair, a lab desk where someone just like you sat at the beginning of the last semester. That student made it. You will too.

As a J202 lab instructor, I asked students to write a bit of advice for the person who sat in their seat the next semester. At the end of the spring semester, I told my lab students that I would not return in the fall. But, they wanted to share advice from their experiences, saying that they had kept their note from the beginning of the semester as inspiration. I told them I’d find something to do with them. This blog post is that something.

So, here you go: Fourteen bits of advice and inspiration from students who were where you were just a semester ago.

  1. “Breathe! Everything will be OK.”



  1. “Stay on top of deadlines”














3. Keep trying



4 & 5  You learn so much in this class.



6. Plan your semester


7. “Your lab will all become some of your best friends.”advice14

8. “Trust the process. Trust your TA.”



9 & 10. “It’s super rewarding.”


11. “Talk to your TA for better advice always.”


12. “What you learn in 15 weeks will amaze you.”























13. “Use your planner religiously.”





















Hope you have a great semester

~Megan Duncan

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